Associate Professor of Sociology
University West, Sweden

PhD, London School of Economics and Political Science

I am an outspoken critic of multiculturalism, coming from a left-wing political perspective.

My PhD thesis, published in 2009, asked why people vote for right-wing populist parties. My initial conclusion was racism, frankly. Then I realized it was mostly about an attack against the political elite. I began looking at the populists’ most energetic critics - the multiculturalists - and it changed my mind.

Today I believe multiculturalism is naïve and dangerously misguided, and that its rhetoric, while aimed at defeating right-wing populism, is only fueling it.

Current engagements

I teach and conduct research at a Swedish university and am engaged in public debate in Sweden focusing on free-speech issues, populism and diversity.

I have a number of publications underway, a book called Masochist Nationalism – Multicultural Self-hatred and the Infatuation with the Exotic, and an article for the Journal of Criminology, Crime and Background in Sweden – Trends and Conclusions.

Another project is a statistical study of the relationship between ethnic background and crime in Sweden. This is an update of a study from the Swedish Crime Prevention Agency 2005 (Brå).


London School of Economics

Högskolan i Väst
Associate Prof. of Sociology
2015 to present

Copenhagen University
2014 to 2015

Malmö Högskola
2004 to 2014