Research and publications


En datauppdatering för 2000-talet
(Stockholm: DGS, 2019)

Why do right-wing populist parties prosper?
Twenty-one suggestions to the anti-racist
(Society, 2019)

Masochist Nationalism
Multicultural Self-Hatred and the Enchantment with the Exotic

Salmagundi, Jan 2019. Accepted.

Was Nazism anti-sex?
On left-wing fantasies and sex as the dark matter of politics

Society, Jan/Feb 2017

Multikulturalism och högerpopulism
Tvillingar i etnoromantik

Kvartal (Stockholm, Cirkel Press, 2016)

Johann Herder, early 19th century romanticism and the shared roots of right-wing extremism and multiculturalism
Article, Telos Press, USA, 2014 (Winter Issue, 2014). In collaboration with Aje Carlbom and Pernilla Ouis (90% my work).

Is Multiculturalism good for Children?
The Rights of the Child and Multiculturalist Policies in Sweden

International Dialogue – A Multipliciplinary Journal of World Affairs 3, 2013. In collaboration with Pernilla Ouis and Aje Carlbom.

The temptation of racism and the plague of historical Fascism
Two plausible causes for the remarkable success of the Austrian Freedom Party between 1986 and 2000

Häften för Kritiska Studier (Luleå: Grafiska Huset, 2007)

Selective perceptions:
The Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust

Patterns of Prejudice, London: SAGE Publications, July 2000

Publications in international anthologies:

Swedish Diversity Policies
A text-book case of opportunism

Critical interpretations of multiculturalism and antiracism
(Copenhagen: Samfundslitteratur, 2016) In collaboration with Mehmet Ümit Necef and Henning Bech (eds.)


Masochist Nationalism
Multicultural Self-hatred and the Infatuation with the Exotic

(Routledge, 2020) Accepted.

Den gode viljers land
En venstreflöjelskritik av multikulturalismen som svensk statsideologi

Copenhagen: Pressto, 2018

Kejsarens nya kläder
Om New Public Management och det Svenska Universitets sönderfall

ARW Press, 2018. Daniel Rauhut (red.)

Populist Parties and the Failure of the Political Elites
The rise of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ)

Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang, March 2016. Substantially revised Ph.D.

The Trojan Horse
A leftist critique of multiculturalism in the West

Sweden: Arx Förlag, 2015. Extended version of Swedish manuscript.

Svensk mångfaldspolitik
En kritik från vänster

Sweden: Arx Förlag, 2014

The Spectre of Austria
Reappraising the rise of the Freedom Party 1986-2000

London: London School of Economics, 2010. (Ph.D. thesis)